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I’m Jonathan Bailor, and it’s a pleasure to welcome you into a space where your health and well-being are at the heart of our conversation. This isn’t just a website; it’s a reflection of my life’s work, a colorful mosaic put together from the improbable pieces of technology, wellness, medicine, and the rich experience of fatherhood.

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For over a decade, I had the privilege of being an engineer at Microsoft. It was a world of tech and innovation, where my contributions were measured in patents—26 to be exact. But beyond the numbers was a quest, a deep-seated desire to apply the precision of engineering to a challenge we all face: living our best, healthiest lives.

That quest led me to author “The Calorie Myth,” a New York Times bestseller that crystallized my philosophy that the quality of food and exercise matters more than the quantity. It was my first endeavor to translate the analytical rigor of my tech background into the fluid, often misunderstood realm of wellness.

The journey didn’t end there. I founded one of the 500 fastest-growing privately held companies in America that creates doctor-formulated supplements to complement our health, not complicate it. It’s thriving, almost autonomous, and while it’s part of my story, it’s not the story I’m here to share with you. This website is a separate path, one where commerce steps back and the community steps forward.

Here, I want to talk with you—yes, you reading this right now—about harnessing the principles of engineering to construct a well-lived life. I’m not selling you a product — there’s no way to buy anything on this website — I’m offering a perspective. It’s about permanent change, practical habits, and powerful love, all grounded in the solid bedrock of rigorous science.

You see, this isn’t about temporary fixes. It’s about building something that lasts. Just as engineering requires a careful balance of strength and flexibility, so does the art of wellness. I want to share with you the joy of creating a lifestyle that’s resilient, that stands the test of time, and the stress of life.

I understand that you might be skeptical. The internet is awash with quick schemes and false prophets of health. I want to be the antithesis of that. I aim to be that smiley “girl dad” who sits down with you, shares a cup of tea, and talks about what true health means in a world that often seems too busy to care. The care I extend to you is the same I give to my three amazing daughters and incredible wife of 15 years—it’s genuine, unwavering, and deeply personal.

Together with an Ivy League-trained medical doctor, I’m here to merge the best of technology, engineering, and medical wisdom. This partnership isn’t just about credentials; it’s about trust. It’s about ensuring that what I share with you is not only scientifically sound but also practically proven and emotionally supportive.

My daughters and wife have taught me the importance of nurturing—not just the body, but the heart and spirit too. They’ve brought into sharp relief the value of health, not just for the individual but for the family unit. They remind me daily that wellness is a tapestry that covers all aspects of life. This is the understanding I bring to you, hoping to guide you toward wellness that embraces the whole family with open arms.

I’m here as a friend, as a young-ish father, as someone who has seen the corporate world but has chosen to focus on the human one. I’m here to share freely, without any expectation other than the hope that you’ll find something here that makes your life brighter, healthier, and more fulfilling.

So, I invite you to explore, to learn, and to connect. This is a place for free-flowing knowledge and heartfelt support. It’s a resource where you can find the information you need to make informed decisions about your health and a community where your journey to wellness is celebrated.

Every article, every piece of advice, and every shared experience here is crafted with you in mind. It’s about making sure that when you step away from your screen, you step into a life that feels enriched by what you’ve read.

Your health is a deeply personal story, and I’m honored to be a part of it. Let’s turn the page together and begin this chapter where science, wellness, and a touch of fatherly love come together to help you live your best life. If you enjoy anything that you experience here, I ask only that you share the love with those you love.

With warmest regards,
Jonathan Bailor